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Summer Summary

Before we get too far into the details The Missing Worker would like to thank Buffalo Infringement Festival for providing us with several opportunities to bring our sound to a number of different settings. These shows are always the highlight of our Summer and give us the chance to do strange things in strange spaces. As is custom for us we will be taking most of the Fall and Winter off for the purpose of writing and recording new material. A bit of outstanding news on that front. Firstly, we are pleased to announce that our debut album 'Motionless...' will be published sometime in October. More specific details as they emerge. Second, we will be recording our 15-minute epic 'Birth of an Idea' with a close friend of the band and look forward to publishing that sometime over those cold winter months. Lastly, look forward to some polished video from our appearance at Progfest 2018 sometime in the next few weeks. In the meantime... here are a couple of photos that capture the last set of shows. Keep doing good things for each other.

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