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Many Good Things... and SOON!

With our last show of the fall now behind us our attentions turn toward infrastructure! Firstly, a big thanks to Rude Boyz Artworks and AlLWNY fro hosting our show earlier this month. Special thanks to The Scarecrow Show, Exham Priory and The Russian White who drove in from PA to join us. Now. Looking ahead... We've wrapped recording on our debut album 'Motionless' and we are waist-deep into the process of mixing and mastering it. So, assuming the stars are aligned correctly, we will be releasing it before the year is out. Obviously the website will be updated to reflect that when the time comes so just sit tight. You'll also notice that we now have an Etsy shop in the MERCH section. We're offering a t-shirt sticker combo for $15.00. We will also be adding physical copies of the album as soon as it's printed. Until then- Here's some pics from the last show courtesy of Meredith Snow.

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