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Late Winter Updates- LEAVE EP / Upcoming Show

Winter, as should be expected in Buffalo, was turbulent. What was supposed to be our album release show ended up getting canceled by a blizzard. Stuff happens, a few updates: At any rate we returned to the stage with Pollock and A Fitting Revenge from Rochester at the Rockin Buffalo in February and we've got a show upcoming at Goodbar on Elmwood, poster below. We will be joined by Ray and the Roaches and Jailbird Joey featuring friend-of-the-band Neil Stoll on drums. In other exciting news we have begun recording our follow up to 'Motionless' an EP we will be titling "LEAVE", yes... all caps. We are recording with BD of Buffalo's Regular Ass Records. Check out his page on facebook and give him a like. The first track of LEAVE is our fifteen+ minute classic-prog opus 'Birth of an Idea'. Some of you may have caught us playing this tune at Infringement Festivial, rest assured the recorded version will be every bit as freaky-deaky if not moreso.

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